What is Dell EMC-S OS10 Switch?

The Dell EMC-S OS10 (OpenSwitch 10) is an open networking operating system developed by Dell EMC for use in their networking hardware, specifically in switches. The Dell EMC-S OS10 Switch is designed to provide a flexible, scalable, and programmable networking platform that supports modern data center and enterprise networking requirements.

Why Monitor Dell EMC-S OS10 Switch?

If the switch fails, the business-critical services might become inaccessible to end-users, thus causing the business to lose revenue and reputation. By periodically monitoring these switches for faults, and by proactively resolving the issues that surface, administrators can ensure that users receive continued connectivity to the services of interest.

Any issues with the switch could be the possible source of critical problems like abnormal temperature, high resource utilization, or unauthorized user access! To avoid such issues, the performance of the Dell EMC-S OS10 Switch has to be monitored 24 *7. The eG Enterprise helps network administrators to continuously monitor theDell EMC-S OS10 Switches in the target environment.