A Microsoft RDS License server is a computer on which the TS Licensing role service is installed. A license server stores all RDS CALs (Microsoft RDS server Client Access Licenses) that have been installed for a group of Microsoft RDS servers and tracks the RDS CALs that have been issued. One license server can serve many Microsoft RDS servers simultaneously. As clients connect to a Microsoft RDS server, the Microsoft RDS server determines if the client needs a RDS CAL, requests a RDS CAL from a license server, and then delivers that RDS CAL to the client. In the absence of RDS CALs, users will neither be able to connect to the Microsoft RDS server, nor access any of the applications published on it. To avoid this, you will have to continuously track license usage by the Microsoft RDS clients, proactively detect a potential contention for licenses, and ensure that the Terminal License server has adequate number of licenses to support the current and future load of the Microsoft RDS server.

This document describes the monitoring model that eG Enterprise prescribes for every Microsoft application, and the performance metrics each model collects.