How does eG Enterprise Monitor OpenStack KVM?

eG Enterprise can monitor an OpenStack KVM hypervisor in an agentless manner. For this purpose, you need to deploy an eG agent on a remote Windows host in the environment. To pull out the metrics pertaining to its resource utilization and performance of virtual machine instances hosted on the target hypervisor, the eG agent should be configured to access an OpenStack project to which the target hypervisor is mapped to. To know how to obtain the project name and domain details from the OpenStack console and configure the eG agent with the obtained details, follow the steps provided in the section below.

Obtaining Project Name and Domain Details from OpenStack Console

To monitor the OpenStack infrastructure, the eG agent has to be configured with name and domain details of the project.

For this purpose, you need to follow the following broad steps:

  1. Login to the OpenStack console with valid credentials of a user who is assigned with the 'reader' to access the project to which the target OpenStack KVM hypervisor is mapped to.

  2. Figure 1 will then appear upon successful login.

    Figure 1 : The OpenStack console

  3. Now, expand the Identity node (see Figure 1) in the side-navigation menu and select the Projects option. Figure 2 will then appear listing the available projects.

    Figure 2 : Viewing the available projects

  4. Next, click on the name of the project that you wish to monitor. Here, for example, Figure 3 is displaying the details of 'admin' project.

    Figure 3 : Viewing the details of the chosen project

Now, note down the name of project to be monitored and name and ID of the domain. Make sure to configure the eG tests with these details that you see in Figure 3. In addition, you need to configure the eG tests with the credentials of the who can access the specified project and its components.