How to Monitor Oracle iPlanet Web Server using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise provides agent-based monitoring support for Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7 on Windows and Solaris platforms. To enable the eG agent to collect statistics of interest from the Oracle iPlanet Web server, you need to fulfill a set of pre-requisites that are explained below.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring the Oracle iPlanet Web Server

Before attempting to monitor the Oracle iPlanet Web Server, ensure that the following requirements are in place;

  1. The eG agent connects to the administration server to which the target Oracle iPlanet web server is registered to extract the required metrics. To enable the eG agent to communicate with this administration server, you first need to create a password file containing the administrator password for accessing the server, in the bin directory within the install directory of the Oracle iPlanet Web server. Then, you need to configure the eG tests with the name of that file; Refer to Creating a Password File to know how to create the password file.
  2. If this administration server is SSL-enabled, then you need to trust the SSL certificate of the server to enable the eG agent to communicate with that server; Refer to Trusting the SSL Certificate of the Administration Server to know how to achieve this.
  3. While monitoring the Oracle iPlanet Web server on Windows, make sure that the eGurkhaAgent service on the server runs using the privileges of the user who trusted the SSL certificate of the administration server; See Changing the LogOn Privileges of the eGurkhaAgent Service of the eG Agent that Monitors the Oracle iPlanet Web Server on Windows for more information about this.
  4. Configure the Oracle iPlanet web server to allow metrics collection.  To know how to configure the web server, refer to Enabling Metrics Collection on the Oracle iPlanet Web Server.

The steps to fulfill each of these pre-requisites have been detailed in the sections that will follow.