UniVerse is a database, and also a platform for powerful and feature rich business applications. UniVerse is a MultiValue Database Management System (MVDBMS). MultiValued data structures support nested entities removing the need to normalize information. These provide storage of complex data types, and allow for a more natural representation of real world entities such as sales orders or manufacture assemblies. UniVerse also features an embedded business language suitable for creating complete applications or for encapsulating complex business rules in client/server or internet based solutions, and in service orientated architecture (SOA). Because of these unique features, UniVerse databases are frequently found as embedded data sources behind mission-critical business, financial, engineering and government systems. If such a database is unavailable over the network, even for a brief while, or is not sized/configured right to handle the session load, or experiences frequent locks, it can adversely impact the uptime of and user access to the mission-critical services it supports. If such an undesirable outcome is to be avoided, the UniVerse database server needs to be continuously monitored. This is where eG Enterprise helps administrators.