How to Monitor SAP Web Application Server Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise is capable of monitoring the SAP Web Application server in both agent-based and agentless manners. To make the eG agent to communicate with the SAP WAS, a set of pre-requisites should be fulfilled before starting monitoring the server. These requirements are given below.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring a SAP Web AS

Before attempting to monitor a SAP Web AS, make sure that the following requirements are in place:

  • The eG agent connects to the SAP Web AS instance using the P4 protocol. Find the port at which the P4 protocol listens, so that the eG agent can be configured with the same. To know where to look for the P4 protocol port, see Determining the P4 Port.
  • Make sure you have the valid credentials of a user who has the right to log on to the SAP Web AS instance to be monitored. The eG agent has to be configured with the credentials of this user, so that it is able to connect to the SAP Web AS instance.