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VDI Performance Assessment

Over 50% of all virtual desktop deployments stall or fail because of unacceptable user experience or cost overruns. Our VDI perfomrmance assessment service, eG Perform helps companies pre-empt and overcome virtual desktop performance issues so you can identify bottlenecks, restore performance, and deliver on the promise of VDI flexibility, scalability and end-user satisfaction.

The VDI Performance Challenge

Virtual desktop infrastructures are heterogeneous and complex. Any slowdown in the storage, virtualization, or network tiers results in virtual desktop slowness. The eG Perform VDI assessment service is targeted at organizations that have deployed virtual desktop technology and are looking at ways to scale the deployment and to identify and resolve any performance bottlenecks.

While traditional virtual desktop assessments have focused on the VDI planning and pre-pilot stage (especially to determine which desktops can be virtualized and which ones cannot), eG Perform targets virtual desktop infrastructures after deployment. Its focus is to analyze every layer, every tier of the virtual desktop infrastructure and to highlight where performance bottlenecks may lie, so remedial action can be taken to enhance the user experience and to ensure scalability for future expansion.

VDI Performance Assessment and Auditing Tool

VDI Performance Assessment

eG Perform leverages eG Innovations’ patented and award-winning cloud-based performance assurance platform. eG Perform deploys a unique methodology and patented technology to provide:

  • Actionable insight and guidance to quickly diagnose and resolve performance bottlenecks;
  • Complete end-to-end performance visibility and diagnosis across every tier, every layer of the virtual desktop service – Citrix, VMware, Network, Active Directory, Storage, Applications - so you know what’s working and what’s not;
  • Detailed reports and powerful analytics to right-size and optimize the virtual desktop infrastructure and increase ROI, complete with actionable insight into hardware bottlenecks, top users, top apps, critical dependencies, etc.
VDI Performance Assessment

VDI Assessment Deliverables

  • Get complete, 360-degree performance visibility across the virtual desktop environment
  • Identify performance stress points and user experience issues
  • Baseline VDI density, demand, usage and infrastructure metrics Identify capacity bottlenecks to VDI scalability
  • Get detailed reports on users, sessions, services, apps, VMs, hardware, storage, network and other VDI components for deep insights into VDI performance bottlenecks
  • Right-Size desktop infrastructure with powerful reporting & analytics that ensure maximum ROI

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