Microsoft BizTalk server provides a powerful web-based development and execution environment that integrates loosely coupled, long-running business processes, both within and between businesses. The server provides a standard gateway for sending and receiving documents across the Internet, as well as providing a range of services that ensure data integrity, delivery, security, and support for the BizTalk Framework and other key document formats.

As mission-critical business processes are integrated via the BizTalk server, it is imperative that the BizTalk server itself stays in good health at all times. To ensure the continuous availability and smooth functioning of the BizTalk server, you need to constantly monitor the server, and promptly detect performance issues, so that the issues can be fixed before they prove fatal to the critical business processes that ride on the server.

eG Enterprise offers two dedicated models for monitoring the BizTalk server - one each for BizTalk Server 2000 and BizTalk Server 2010. Both these models are capable of monitoring the entire pipeline of the processes happening within the BizTalk server.