UCS Chassis Layer

The Cisco UCS server chassis and its components are part of the Cisco Unified Computing System.

The Cisco UCS server chassis system consists of the following components:

  • Cisco UCS server chassis
  • Cisco UCS blade servers-up to eight half-width or four full-width blade servers, each containing two CPUs and holding up to two hard drives
  • Cisco UCS I/O Module-up to two I/O modules, each providing four ports of 10-Gb Ethernet, Cisco Data Center Ethernet, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) connection to the fabric interconnect
  • A number of SFP+ choices from copper to fiber
  • Power supplies-up to four 2500 Watt hot-swapable power supplies
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • Fan modules-eight hot-swapable fan modules

As a problem in the chassis system can affect the overall performance of the Cisco UCS platform, you need to shield the chassis and its integral components from permanent physical or operational damage. To achieve this, you need proactive updates of probable threats to the health of the chassis system; these updates will enable you to initiate corrective measures before it is too late. The tests mapped to this layer provide you with such problem updates.

With the help of these tests, you can keep an eye on the status of each chassis managed by the Cisco UCS manager and also its core components such as the fabric extemders, fan modules, power supplies, etc., and quickly detect abnormalities.    

Figure 1 : The tests mapped to the UCS Chassis layer

The following topics discuss the tests associated with this layer in detail: