Citrix Access Gateway™ products are universal SSL VPN appliances providing a secure, always-on, single point-of-access to an organization’s applications and data. A comprehensive range of appliances and editions allow Access Gateway to meet the needs of any size organization, from small businesses to the most demanding global enterprises.

The Access Gateway appliance is deployed in an organization’s demilitarized zone, and creates a virtual TCP connection with the client computer. Client computers launch the Citrix Secure Access Agent by simply accessing a secure Web URL or using the desktop icon. The Access Gateway then authenticates these credentials with a corporate authentication server and, if the credentials are correct, finishes the handshake with the client PC. Once authenticated, the Secure Access Agent is launched in the client computer, at which all network traffic destined for certain private networks is captured and redirected over the secure tunnel to the Access Gateway.

The error-free functioning of such an appliance is of tremendous significance in environments that span geographies and which support mission-critical applications handling highly sensitive information (like in the case of mobile/VoIP communication). Such environments often have to deal with concurrent access requests from remote users at disparate locations. With a defective Access Gateway, remote traffic could go unscanned and therefore unsecured, exposing the applications and resources to unauthorized usage, or worse, malicious virus attacks.

eG Enterprise offers out-of-the-box two specialized models for monitoring the Citrix Access Gateway – the Citrix Access Gateway – Windows model that focuses on the health of the Citrix Access Gateway operating on a Windows platform, and the Citrix Access Gateway – Linux model, which is a dedicated model for monitoring the Citrix Access Gateway component operating on Linux.

Using these models, administrators can constantly keep an eye on the operations of the Access Gateway and be proactively alerted of even minor non-conformances, so that the problem is resolved before non-genuine users gain access to critical applications and data.