How to Monitor IGEL Endpoints Using eG Enterprise?

This involves the following broad steps:

  1. Install an eG agent on a remote Windows/Linux host in the environment;
  2. Register the IGEL Endpoints with the IGEL UMS.

  3. Install and start an Endpoint Agent on every IGEL Endpoint you want to monitor;
  4. From the IGEL UMS Console, configure every Endpoint Agent with the details of the eG manager it should talk to, so that it can download from the manager the details of the IGEL Endpoints component, and the remote agent it should report to;
  5. Enable a TCP port on the remote agent, using which the Endpoint Agent will send metrics to the remote agent;
  6. Manage the IGEL Endpoints component using the eG administrative interface;
  7. View the real-time state and metrics of the managed IGEL Endpoints component in the eG monitoring console

To know how to install an eG agent on a Windows/Linux host, refer to the eG Installation Guide. Each of the other steps outlined above (i.e., steps 2-6) has been elaborately discussed in the following topics :

Installing the Endpoint Agent

Enabling a TCP Port on the eG Remote Agent

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