How to Monitor MaxDB Using eG Enterprise?

eG Enterprise is capable of monitoring the MaxDB in both agent based and agentless manners. An eG agent connects to a database on the MaxDB server as a SYSDBA, access certain key system tables on the database, and pull out critical performance statistics pertaining to the MaxDB server from the system tables. To enable the eG agent to establish the database connection and perform metrics collection, the agent needs to be configured with the SAP MaxDB JDBC Driverand the DBM and Loader Java classes. The procedure for achieving these requirements are explained in the following sections.

Pre-requisites for Monitoring MaxDB

Upon successful installation of the MaxDB server, you can find the JDBC driver and the Java classes in the sapdbc.jar file in the <MAXDB_INSTALL_DIR>\runtime\jar\  directory. To make this file available to the eG agent, follow the steps below:

  • Login to the MaxDB server, and navigate to the following directory:


    For Example: C:\sapdb\programs\runtime\jar

    To know the correct install path of the MaxDB server, run the following command from the prompt:

    dbmcli dbm_getpath InstallationPath

  • Next, copy the sapdbc.jar file in that directory to the <EG_AGENT_INSTALL_DIR>\lib directory of the eG agent that is monitoring MaxDB.
  • Finally, restart the eG agent.

The sections to come will discuss each of the top 4 layers of Figure 1 in more detail. The other layers have been dealt with extensively in the Monitoring Unix and Windows Servers document.

Configuring the Max DB Server

Before attempting to monitor the Max DB server, do the following:

  • Connect to the URL:
  • Scroll down the page that appears next to view a section titled, MaxDB by MySQL - - SAP ABAP INSTANCE Certified.
  • In that section, click on the hyperlink representing the latest version of MaxDB.
  • Scroll down the page that appears next to view the list of downloads available for the latest version. From the list, download the jdbc Driver Binary to the local host.
  • A file named sapdbc-<version>.jar gets downloaded.
  • Next, copy the sapdbc-<version>.jar file to the /opt/egurkha/lib directory.
  • Once copied, rename the sapdbc-<version>.jar file to sapdbc.jar.
  • Restart the eG agent.

Once all the pre-requisites are kept in place, proceed to monitor the MaxDB server. The broad steps for monitoring MaxDB using eG Enterprise are as follows: