Adobe ColdFusion is an application server and software development framework used for the development of computer software in general. This application server is most often used for data-driven web sites or intranets, and can also be used to generate remote services such as SOAP web services or Flash remoting. Error-free functioning of the ColdFusion server is therefore a key requirement for the continuous availability of these critical end-user services. To ensure that the ColdFusion is always accessible and is performing to peak capacity, it is necessary to constantly watch over the performance of the server, spot error conditions before they actually occur, and resolve the errors with immediate effect.

eG Enterprise offers specialized monitoring model for each of the most popular Adobe ColdFusion. A plethora of metrics relating to the health of the application server can be monitored in real-time and alerts can be generated based on user-defined thresholds or auto-computed baselines. These  metrics enable administrators to quickly and accurately determine server availability and responsiveness, resource usage at the host-level and at the application server level, how well the application server processes requests, how quickly the server completes transactions, overall server security, etc.