Configuring a VPN Gateway's Diagnostic Logs to be Sent to a Log Analytics Workspace

To configure a Log Analytics Workspace as the destination for a VPN Gateway's diagnostic logs, do the following:

  1. Login to the Microsoft Azure Portal and select the Monitor service. Figure 1 will then appear. Click on the Diagnostic Settings option in the left panel of Figure 1.

Figure 1 : Selecting the Diagnostic Settings option of the Azure Monitor

  1. Figure 2 will then appear listing all the resources of a chosen subscription. Here, select the Subscription being monitored. In the resource list of that subscription, locate the VPN gateway (this should typically be of the Resource Type, Virtual Network Gateway) for which you want to define/view diagnostic settings. Then, click on that gateway.

    Figure 2 : Clicking on the VPN gateway to be monitored

  2. will then appear. To create a new diagnostic setting for the chosen gateway, click on the Add diagnostic setting option in .

    Figure 3 : List of workspace names

  1. Figure 4 will then appear. Provide a Diagnostic setting name. Then, select all the check boxes under Categories, so that all diagnostic logs related to the chosen VPN gateway are enabled. Then, select the Send to Log Analytics workspace check box, and pick the Log Analytics workspace to which the chosen logs are to be sent.

    Figure 4 : Sending diagnostic logs of a VPN gateway to a log analytics workspace

  2. Finally, click the Save option in Figure 4.

  3. Repeat steps 1-5 for every VPN gateway that you want monitored.