The Digital Workspace Monitoring Journey

Digital workspaces have been getting more attention in the last year as most organizations had to support Work From Home. Read this blog to learn about eG Innovations journey in the digital workspace landscape - how it started, what we have done, and where we are heading.

VDI Monitoring

Since virtual desktops are VMs, many IT admins try to use virtual machine monitoring tools for VDI as well. In this blog, we explain why VDI monitoring has unique requirements and why virtual server monitoring tools are not sufficient for VDI monitoring.

JBoss Performance Tuning

JBoss is one of the most popular Java application servers in the market. Tuning the performance of JBoss is important for supporting production workloads. Learn best practices for getting the most out of your JBoss application servers in this blog post.

Containers vs Virtual Machines (VMs)

As microservices gain in popularity, containers have become a hot topic for developers. But how do they differ from virtual machines? Will containers replace virtual machines? And when should you choose containers over virtual machines? Read this blog to learn more.