A System Administrator’s Journey through multiple IT transformations

July 30 was SysAdminDay 2021. eG Innovations appreciates what our network admins and sys admins do for us daily. On the special day, we had a candid conversation with Karthik G., Team Lead - Network at eG Innovations, wherein he answered a few funny and quirky questions for us. Hope you enjoy reading the conversation as much as we loved having it! Here’s a sneak peek into the world of a sys admin through his eyes and ears…

An update from our Den Haag team, Netherlands Office

It’s been 8 years since eG Innovations opened its Netherland’s office in Den Haag to better support our Benelux customers. Our technical and support staff can assist customers and potential customers on-site through our local offices with local and global expertise. Even before the pandemic...

Embedded Analytics for IT

When we hear the term ‘embedded analytics’, most people think of business intelligence. Read this blog to learn about what embedded analytics for IT is all about.

How to Set up Azure Monitor for WVD

Microsoft WVD is growing in popularity and Microsoft has released Azure Monitor for WVD recently. In this blog, we discuss how to set up Azure Monitor to track the usage and performance of WVD.

The Infotoxification of IT

Alert Fatigue

Too Many Alerts and What You Can Do About It I read an interesting report from the Citrix Technology Office which used the term “infotoxification”: People today are expected to filter, understand and act upon an enormous mountain of data. Consequently they are overwhelmed; they are...

eG In Citrix Infrastructure Monitoring News

eG Innovations Wins Citrix Ready Video Contest!

eG Innovations Wins Citrix Ready Video Contest! We’re excited to announce that our eG Enterprise animated video, Are You Monitoring Citrix in 3-D?, has been named a winner of the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest, along with co-winners Dell and PureStorage. We’re honored to be...

eG Partner Spotlight

eG Partner Spotlight: Enterprise Solutions

eG Innovations has launched a new program in which we select one of our many valued eG Innovations Channel Partners from around the globe to feature on the eginnovations.com website and in other communications. For the first edition of the “eG Partner Spotlight,” we’re...