Central Management Server Jobs Test

The Central Management Server (CMS) maintains a database of information about your Business Intelligence (BI) platform system (in the CMS system database) and audited user actions (in the Auditing Data Store). All platform services are managed by the CMS. The CMS also controls access to the system files where documents are stored, and information on users, user groups, security levels, and content. In a nutshell, the CMS performs all jobs critical to the management of the users and services of the SAP BOBI platform. Naturally therefore, the frequent failure of these critical jobs can impair the services, hamper user productivity, and ultimately kill user experience with the SAP BOBI platform. Also, if too many jobs are found waiting on the CMS owing to insufficient processing power, service delivery and user authentication may be significantly delayed, once again impacting user experience. To avoid such situations, administrators can periodically run the Central Management Server Jobs test to quickly capture job failures and waiting jobs, ascertain the reasons for these anomalies rapidly, and fine-tune the CMS configuration to eliminate them.

Target of the test : A SAP BOBI Node

Agent deploying the test : An internal/remote agent

Outputs of the test : One set of results for the CMS running in the node monitored.

Configurable parameters for the test
Parameter Description

Test period

How often should the test be executed.


Host name of the server for which the test is to be configured.


Enter the port to which the specified host listens. This should be the port at which the web application server hosting SAP BOBI listens.

JMX Remote Port

Specify the RMI port number of the BOBI monitoring application. To know the RMI port number of the monitoring application, refer to Enabling the Monitoring Application of the SAP BOBI Platform.


Specify the lookup name for connecting to the JMX connector of the BOBI monitoring application. To know the JNDI name, refer to Enabling the Monitoring Application of the SAP BOBI Platform.

JMX User and JMX Password

Enter the credentials of an enterprise authenticated BOBI user belonging to the default monitoring users group.

Confirm Password

Confirm the password by retyping it here.

Node Name

Specify the name of the BOBI node being monitored.

Measurements made by the test
Measurement Description Measurement Unit Interpretation

Failed jobs

Indicates the number of jobs that failed.


Ideally, the value of this measure should be 0. A high value is indicative of frequent job failures, and warrants immediate investigation.

Pending jobs

Indicates the number of jobs that are scheduled, but not ready, to run because the scheduled time or event has not arrived.


A steady rise in the value of this measure is a cause for concern, as it indicates that many jobs are awaiting execution. Over time, these may choke the CMS. To avoid this, you may want to reconfigure schedules or event configurations to ensure jobs keep executing quickly.

Running jobs

Indicates the number of jobs currently running on the CMS.


This is a good indicator of the current workload of the CMS.

Completed jobs

Indicates the number of completed jobs.



Waiting jobs

Indicates the number of waiting jobs.



Typically, waiting jobs are those that wait for resources to become available. A very high value for this measure could either indicate that one/more jobs currently running are hogging the available resources or that the CMS is not sized properly. In the case of the latter, you may want to allocate more resources to the CMS or increase the size of its thread pool.