eG Innovations at DataCon LA

On 17th September, eG Innovations will be presenting at Data Con LA. The event brings together data scientists, programmers and IT operations to talk about how data and AI can transform businesses.

AIOps Strategy and Management

Enterprises that adopt AIOps are finding that their employees are more productive and spend more time on innovation when AIOps is freeing them from troubleshooting and other fire-fighting activities. This blog covers how to establish your AIOps strategy in 3 steps.

AIOps 101

AIOps is a key technology for IT operations management today. It holds the promise of IT management proactive and automated. In this blog, we discuss the fundamental conceps of AIOps and why many organizations are looking to deploy this technology.

9 Things We Learned From the Digital Workspace Survey

Without a doubt, the pandemic made the biggest impact on IT since the rollout of the World Wide Web. While the early months of lockdown were characterized by IT teams rushing to procure hardware, spinning up additional cloud services, and pushing through software contracts, we’re now in a place...