Monitoring SAP Services

Here is a new case study about how NMC, a leading manufacturing company in Belgium is using eG Enterprise for monitoring its virtualized SAP services infrastructure.

The SAP services ERP infrastructureeG Enterprise for monitoring its virtualized SAP infrastructure is critical for NMC’s business operations. All the group’s important processes and workflows use SAP. Information regarding all of the company’s close to 8000 products, 5200 customers and 2350 suppliers is stored in this system. All of the company’s global divisions and subsidiaries rely on the SAP system for business critical functions including contract conclusion, planning and production, supply, finance and controlling, warehouse management and administration, to the department of transportation, reporting and IT.

Unavailability or slowness of the SAP applications impacts business processes. Furthermore, since its European and American operations also rely on these applications, any outage has a global impact. Hence, NMC cannot afford any performance or availability issues for SAP, not even for a few hours.

“eG Innovations has helped us find problems and inconsistencies in our infrastructure. Within a short period, we have been able to analyze and understand issues in our SAP ERP services environment.

We are now able to deliver high availability and performance of SAP applications and reduce expensive and exhausting downtime costs. What used to take us two to three days is now done in 5-10 minutes.” said Dieter Huppertz, IT Infrastructure Operations Manager at NMC.

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