Retrieving Applications Monitored by eG Enterprise Using eG REST API

In order to retrieve the applications that are monitored by eG Enterprise by default, administrators can use the eG REST API.

URL: http://<eG manager IP:port>/api/eg/miscservice/getApplicationMapping

Method: POST

Content-Type: application/json

Inputs to be Specified
Parameters Key values Example


managerurl: Base URL of the eG Manager i.e., http://<IP address of the eG console:Port>

user: eG username or domain/eG username

pwd: Base64 encoded password

Not Applicable


Success Response
Type Code Content




"Infiniband_Switch": "InfiniBand Switch",

"MSExchangeOnline_domain": "Exchange Online Domain",

"MSExchangeOnline_service": "Exchange Online Tenant",

"CouchDB_Server": "Apache CouchDB",

"VMWareHorizon_Workspace_one": "Vmware Horizon Workspace One",

"Alibaba_Cloud": "Alibaba Cloud",

"OracleExadataStorage": "Oracle Exadata Storage Server",






Failure Response
Type Code Content



{"code": 401,"error": "Invalid username or password."}


500 Server Error

{"code": 500,"error": "Server Error. Please check /manager/logs/error_log in the installation directory for more information."}

Figure 1 : Retrieving the list of applications monitored using Postman REST Client

Retrieving the Applications Monitored by eG Enterprise using cURL

To retrieve the measures reported by eG Enterprise by monitoring the components in the target environment using cURL, the command should be specified in the following format:

curl -L -X POST "http://<eG Manager IP:Port>/api/eg/miscservice/getApplicationMapping" -H "user:<eG username or domain/eG username>" -H "pwd:Base64 encoded password" -H "managerurl:http://<eG Manager IP:Port>"

Figure 2 shows an example cURL command for retrieving the applications monitored by eG Enterprise.

Figure 2 : An example cURL command to retrieve the applications monitored by eG Enterprise

Figure 3 shows a sample output that retrieves the measurements reported by eG Enterprise using cURL.

Figure 3 : Sample output with the list of applications monitored by eG Enterprise