Enhance Application Performance with Wildfly Monitoring

Monitor your entire Wildfly infrastructure within a single-pane-of-glass and get visibility into the performance of your JVM, web and EJB containers, application code, database connections, slow queries, external service calls, and more.

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Why Monitor Wildfly?

The Wildfly application server is widely used for building, deploying, and hosting highly-transactional Java applications and services. To ensure high application performance, it is essential to monitor the Wildfly application server, the components it hosts and the infrastructure tiers supporting it. IT teams and developers need this capability in order to proactively detect performance problems before they impact end-users of the Java application.

Common challenges faced by administrators:

  • Not able to diagnose when a Java application transaction is slow, and whether a problem in the Wildfly application server is causing the issue
  • Not able to distinguish between container-level, JVM-level, and code-level problems
  • Not able to obtain centralized performance insight throughout the entire Java environment
Wildfly Monitoring Tools: eG Enterprise

Full Stack Wildfly Performance Monitoring


eG Enterprise provides a single-pane-of-glass view of the entire Wildfly infrastructure. From an intuitive web console, application owners, developers and administrators can monitor the full Java stack including the JVM, web and EJB containers, application code, database connections, slow queries, external service calls, and more.

  • Out of the box, eG Enterprise provides purpose-built monitoring models for Wildfly Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) and WildFly (formerly JBoss AS).
  • Get deep diagnostics for all aspects of Wildfly performance including components such as Java transactions, EJB, JSP, Servlets, DataSource, Connectors, JMS Message Queues, JPA, and more

eG Enterprise for Wildfly Monitoring

eG Enterprise helps you enhance the performance of your Wildfly applications:

  • Monitor real user experience and proactively detect any slowness
  • Track all aspects of JVM performance and find how to tune the Wildfly JVM for optimal performance
  • Troubleshoot faster by gaining deep performance insights and KPIs about Wildfly performance
  • Eliminate finger-pointing between IT Ops, DevOps and developers by automatically pinpointing the root cause of performance issues
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eG Innovations delivers a robust, reliable and extremely valuable solution to deliver maximum uptime and user satisfaction. Pre-emptive alerting helps us to address performance issues immediately before they affect system and application availability.

Mike MontanoSenior Manager, Allscripts


Troubleshoot Faster with Deep Wildfly Performance Insights

  • Monitor the number of incoming requests by each connector
  • Monitor the connections available in the DataSource connection pool
  • Track how long each servlet takes for execution
  • Measure invocation, execution, creation, removal metrics for each EJB
  • Identify if the EJB thread pool is sized correctly
  • Isolate business transactions affected due to Wildfly performance
  • Catch out-of-memory exceptions and memory leaks in the JVM

Automatic correlation with server-side issues, resource deficiency (CPU, memory, disk, etc.), and hardware faults differentiates application issues from the infrastructure.

Gain Code-Level Visibility for Application Performance Optimization

eG Enterprise allows developers to easily identify Java code-level issues.

  • For a specific slow business transaction, drill down into the application code and identify the exact function that is causing slowness
  • Isolate inefficient code, errors, long-running database queries and insufficient Java heap memory settings in no time
  • Isolate high-CPU threads, waiting threads and root blocker threads in the JVM for code optimization

In Depth: See the Wildfly performance metrics monitored by eG Enterprise

Answer Key Wildfly Performance Questions

  • Which of the Java business transactions are slow or stalled?
  • How many transactions are handled by each Wildfly engine?
  • Is the workload balanced across all the Wildfly servers in the farm? Do you need more Wildfly Servers to handle the load?
  • Is a backlog accumulating on a particular JMS queue or topic?
  • Are Java Servlets executing within acceptable processing thresholds?
  • Are transactions waiting for connections from the DataSource connection pool? Is it sized optimally?

Going Beyond Monitoring the Wildfly Web Container

eG Enterprise delivers total performance assurance for web applications powered by Java technology:

  • User experience monitoring: Using real user monitoring and synthetic transaction monitoring, identify user experience issues and slow transactions. Find out if the issue is in the browser, network, or server.
  • Business transaction tracing: Trace slow transactions across the Java application architecture and isolate server-side issues causing transaction slowdown.
  • In-depth JVM monitoring: Comprehensively monitor every aspect of JVM performance including CPU, heap and non-heap memory, threads, classes, garbage collection, and more.

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