Increasing the Memory of the eG Agent

The eG agent runs as a Java process. If an eG agent has been deployed on the same host as the eG manager, then 1/4th of the total system memory is the maximum heap memory that can be allocated. For a stand-alone eG agent on the other hand, a maximum of 512 MB of heap memory can be allocated, if it’s a 64-bit agent, and 256 MB, if it’s a 32-bit agent.

If a large number of components are to be monitored, you may have to allocate more heap memory to the eG agent. In such a case, follow the steps below for a Windows agent:

  1. Login to the eG agent host.
  2. Edit the RunAgent.bat file in the <EG_INSTALL_DIR>\lib directory.
  3. Look for the entry -Xmx in the file. If you do not find it, then, insert an entry of the following format:

    Xmx<Memory_allocation_to_the _eG_agent>M

    For instance, if you want to allocate 8 GB of memory to the eG agent, your –Xmx specification should be as follows:


    On the other hand, if you find the entry in the RunAgent.bat file (as the case may be), then simply alter the <Memory_allocation_to_the _eG_agent> to suit your specific needs.

  4. Finally, save the file, and run the RunAgent.bat file (as the case may be).